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GOETHE Biotechnology offers development and production outsourcing for new products.

GOETHE Biotechnology offers development and production outsourcing for new products to health and cosmetics companies. This represents not only a very cost efficient, but a unique method unmatched in the market.
As a contract manufacturer we offer the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and nutritional supplements industries the development of products as freeze-dried dosage forms. This approach proves very efficient for companies and will compliment many established products in the future, if not even replace them.

Secure your innovative edge against your competitors and benefit already today of tomorrow's technology.
With us you can determine very quickly, if one of your products is suitable for this technology without the need of large investments on your side.
Products can be manufactured as White Label with your package design and branding.

Patented freeze-drying / Lyophilisation

  • - Shock-freezing at -196° Celsius
  • - Drying under vacuum
  • - Processes and properties remain intact
  • - The natural ingredients don't suffer in the dry condition
  • - Production in GMP clean-room technology
  • - We develop your product as an orally disintegrating tablet (OTD)
  • - We follow GMP quality standards
  • - Separate production site for pharmaceuticals
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You are interested to learn more about the development of your new product?

We will evaluate the possibilities in a first step. If there is a product fit and you are interested to explore the feasibility of a new product further, we will try to come up with a first sample for your feedback. In principle we will try to provide this service for free, given access to required ingredients. If this sample will satisfy your basic expectations, a phased product development plan will be proposed.

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